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Subject: It's Good To Be The Goddess
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I'm so happy living the Goddess lifestyle with my
husband. I think more women would enjoy being the
Goddess or the Queen at home if we didn't have so
much negative programming to overcome.

Women Baby-boomers like me were raised during a
time of transition in society when women were joining
the workforce in droves and we thought we had to try to
beat men at their own game in the workplace. We were
never schooled in the ways of real feminine power.

But today more and more women are discovering their
feminine power and realizing that men need our moral
guidance and influence. American society is changing,
slowly but surely. I'm doing my part to wake women up
to the fact that, for some of us, a woman-led marriage is
the only way we'll truly be happy.

That's hard for some women to accept because we're
still hoping for Prince Charming to show up on his white
charger and solve all our problems for us. Well, you
CAN have a Prince Charming for a husband, except
he's traded his sword for a dustcloth!

I run two businesses and now make more money than
ever before with very little stress. That's because I have
a husband who is "the wind beneath my wings." He
willingly takes care of all the domestic chores so my
mind is free to focus on making money, which I love to
do! He is my Prince who enjoys serving his Queen/

This life is so good I had to share it with the world so
I've written a book about it, Venus On Top: Women Who
Are Born To Lead And The Men Who Love Them.
Although the book is written for women, many copies
are bought by men to give to their wives and girlfriends.

I wrote the book before I knew about this great website,
but we are both on the same page about this lifestyle. I
really hope that more women will open their minds and
hearts and realize that being in charge of a man who
WANTS you to be in charge makes for a very happy,
harmonious and romantic married life.

I'd like to know from women what thoughts and beliefs
are holding you back from embracing this lifestyle?
Maybe I can lift some of your doubts and fears so you
can go forward and create a wonderful relationship with
your husband who wants to worship and serve you.

Let's talk about it!

Goddess B
Modern Goddess, businesswoman, workshop leader,
speaker and author of Venus On Top: Women Who Are
Born To Lead And The Men Who Love Them. http://


RE: It's Good To Be The Goddess
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thanks for the post Goddess B.

I'll ckeck it out.


RE: It's Good To Be The Goddess
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Dear Goddess B

Thank you. I agree with much of what you say and I appreciate your attitude. But did you mean literally that the submissive man should turn in his sword for a dustcloth? Certainly going to work and earning money can be a service. Many men work in dangerous jobs, boring jobs, or stressful jobs, just to bring money home to their family.


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